Sherma Lewis

With consistent attendance at circuit training classes I saw weight loss and muscle definition.  My confidence grew, and my self-image improved. For those rookies who brave Coach PJ’s circuit training classes, I want to encourage you to make it part of your weekly routine.  You’ll get stronger and more skilled with each class.  The feelings […]

Mark Braverman

I first started my workouts with Coach Pj to improve my flexibility and my balance when worked at a gym a few blocks from my home. My muscles do get sore after my workouts, but overall my joints feel stronger and pain that I use to experience in them have lessened. Thanks Coach PJ, “Braveheart”

Cynthia Hom

Then there is that super-challenging yet fun approach to fitness that keeps it fresh (wheelbarrows and sandbags, anyone?) and allows everyone to keep striving to be whatever “best” means to them.  For me it’s as simple as this:  I like feeling good and having the energy to do whatever I want; I actually crave coming […]