How Do You Fit In Your Skin?

Did you know snakes shed their skin on average 4-8 times a year.  The frequency is dependent on many factors, such as environmental temperature, how often they eat, the amount consumed at each eating, and activity level.  Isn’t that interesting.  For humans to change how we fit and look in our skin we have to shed body weight.  Typically, body fat.  I could pretty much guarantee that the average person thinks about changing the way they look in their skin at least once a week let alone 4-8 times a year.  Our success is directly dependent on our environment, how often we eat, the amount we consume per meal, and activity level.  It is also noted, that healthier snakes have little to no difficulty shedding.  The same holds true for healthier people.  They shed body fat much easier than those who elect to live an unhealthy lifestyle.  Such similarities.  Yet, millions of  people today slither away from living a healthy lifestyle.

Our own environment sets us up for failure.  The fast food  industry is worth billions.  A fast food drive thru can be found on every street corner.  Seriously, we can’t even park our cars and walk in.?  No, we drive up to a convenient window and pick up our nice “healthy” meal on wheels.  Our eating patterns parallel a really bad roller coaster ride.  Refined flour in breads and tortillas, and sugar in almost every drink except water, both bring on high blood sugar levels which the body has to bring down by producing insulin.  A lot people skip breakfast because there is no time.  Then they have a small nibble at lunch on the run.  By now energy levels are low and your body is running on fumes.  Dinner comes along, you are famished and your body is screaming for sugar.  So, you drive up to the nearest drive-thru and order everything off the menu as if it were your last meal.  A majority of Americans eating patterns are very similar to what I just described.  Their blood sugar levels experience extreme  highs and lows throughout the day on a daily basis. Our internal “gas gauge” cannot keep up with the sporadic behavior of insulin release on a daily basis.  Eventually, our body stops trying to keep up and production of insulin stops, which can lead to diabetes and becoming dependent on insulin shots.

The end result is a population of  people who can barely fit in their own skin.  If you are one of those who resolve to fit in their skin better every week then don’t sneak away from living a healthier lifestyle.  Be the smart snake in the garden and slither toward better eating habits and increase your levels of activity.

By Coach PJ

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